DPC Billet 1480 Alluminum Driveshaft Yoke

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The DPC 1480 Billet Driveshaft Yoke is a must for high horsepower competition trucks who sled pull, dirt drag, or drag race. These billet yokes are made with an “ear” twice as thick as the weak forged competitors product. Not only is the overall yoke ear size larger, but the billet manufacturing process also increases the strength alone. Stop worrying about the small bumps in the track that used to be a hiccup for your old yoke! Forget the headaches at the event, potential loss in points/place, and most importantly the money it takes to fix your custom driveshaft over and over! We are confident our billet yoke will help you put the power to the dirt and on the street without worrying about slinging a driveshaft! 

*Sold Each*

•Billet Alluminum Construction

•Compatible with 4 Bolt 1480 11.5 AAM Flange/DHD Billet 1480 Pinion Yoke

•1480 U Joint Size

•.125 5” Alluminum Tube Acceptance 

•5 Axis Machined 

•Thickest Aluminum Available