DP Customs High Access Hood Brackets 2007.5-2016 GM Trucks

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We all love how easy it is to prop open your 1999-2007 GM Truck’s hood into the “service position” by changing the bolt hole position. It’s a bummer GM didn’t incorporate a similar idea on the 2007.5-2016 truck years. The limited amount of room and light creates a hassle changing turbos, removing motors, pulling heads, working on electrical components or even detailing your engine bay.

The DPC GM High Access Hood Brackets are 1/8" Zinc Coated Laser Cut brackets that install in less than a minute and will allow you to open your hood to a 80 degree angle! No more working in the dark, working under limited head room, removing a hood alone, or worrying about storing a hood away from harm! These brackets are proudly made in  Iowa USA and are designed with strategic thought and consideration by mechanics like you!


Laser Cut
Zinc Coated
1/8” Thickness
Wingnut/Serrated Heat Bolt Included
Multiple Year Use (2007.5-2016 GM 1/2 ton-1 ton trucks)

*Although a single person can install the brackets, we advise a second hand to help hold the hood preventing potential accidents. DP Customs nor supplying dealers are liable for damage done to vehicle or person(s).*


(Before starting on 2015-2016 Vehicles, please remove corner plastic molding to allow hood to receive proper 80* angle. Failure to do so may result in damaged plastic moldings. These two pieces can easily be removed by hand with no tools needed. Passenger side molding will need to be slid off the antenna.)

  1. Simply remove factory hood hinge bolt that attaches hood to pivoting hinge. (10mm)
  2. Insert the DPC GM Hood Hinge Bracket Extender into the vehicles hood bracket slot. DPC Brackets flip sides with year differences. (LH 2007.5-2014 will be a RH for 2015-2016 years & vise versa)
  3. Line up the original truck hinge bolt hole with the corresponding hole on the DPC Bracket and secure use previously removed bolt. The holes in the DPC bracket are just large enough to allow the collar on the head to seat. This is how you will know it is installed correctly.
  4. Once both sides are correctly mounted to the hood side, open hood to approx 80 degrees and use supplied 1/2 long serrated bolts and wingnuts to secure the DPC Bracket to the pivoting hinge. This can be done by hand. The tab design will prevent the bracket from buckling and letting hood fall.
  5. When finished, reverse the process and remove safely.